Sazón Recipe illustration by Jeremie Serrano, @lacomidadejeremie (courtesy of Jeremie Serrano)

Earlier this month, the CEO of Goya Foods — which bills itself as “the premier source for authentic Latino cuisine” — publicly praised President Trump during a White House event, saying that he felt “blessed” to have him as a leader. The incident prompted immediate backlash from prominent members of the Latinx community, from Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the latter of whom hinted at a boycott of the company.

As outraged citizens cited the Trump administration’s cruel family separation policy, openly racist remarks, and harsh immigration policies as incongruent with Goya’s marketing to the Latinx community, the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, fanned the flames by posing with a can of Goya beans. The bizarre portrait has become a symbol of this dystopian political moment, and artists were quick to appropriate the image in hilarious and dark ways.

As always, artists are here to help us make sense of the nonsensical; below, we rounded up some of their most clever and creative responses to the Spanish company’s recent controversy, from cheeky illustrations of seasoning recipes to replace the company’s adobo blend to visual puns on works by Spanish artist Francisco Goya, like Chloe Wise’s “Uncanny Valley Girl” painting.

Chloe Wise, “Uncanny Valley Girl” (2020), oil on canvas (courtesy of Chloe Wise)
Drawing by Jesse Duquette, creator of the “The Daily Don” (courtesy of Jesse Duquette)
John Seed, “The Black Bean Duchess,” digital mashup based on Francisco Goya’s “Portrait of the Duchess of Alba” (courtesy of John Seed)

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↩️ SCROLL FOR HOME MADE ALTERNATIVES & OTHER BRANDS 👇🏽 #boycottgoya #boycottgoyafoods #goyaway #corporategreed . 🖐🏽Please note I don’t support any political parties. HATE THEM ALL : Democrats, Republicans & others in between are all shit clowns & marionettes ☝🏽️NONE of them holds the people’s best interests in mind 👎🏽 . ☝🏽However, I dislike Trump personally bc I DO NOT SYMPATHIZE with either #RACISTS or #MISOGYNISTS (in his case both 🤢) 👉🏽 Stop playing yourselves!!! Going around the bushes, sugar coating reality and splitting hairs! . 🤷🏽‍♀️ Whoever is from NY knows god damn well how open and vocal Trump has always been about his racism and detestable treatment towards women, a true #chauvinist 🙌🏽 . Some of his supported policies, tactics & reforms have made some of you believe that is ok to openly be racist ✋🏽 keep it to your fucking self! If your ancestors aren’t natives to these lands you are ALL immigrants’ descendants! 🤫 . Although racism has always existed & is part of American Culture, I, in my entire life have never experienced racism being so acceptable & rationalized as it is now days. I do believe great part of that is bc of the set “example” and message that the 1st commander in chief sends! 😼ironic for a guy who cheated his way out of serving this nation 🙄 ———— ⬇️ Trump has been enraging US Latinos going back to the dawn of his campaign, when he attacked immigrants from Mexico and Central America as criminals and rapists, as well as his callous indifference to Puerto Rico ( US domain, American citizens, just browns) in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017. In Trump’s extreme version of Republicanism. . 🤔 Did everyone just forget? let me remind u that Goya’s roots are from the same Island I mentioned, PR!!! . 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Goya you wanna support policies that treat Latinos like crab? shame on you and what a disgrace! . ❌ NO MORE GOYA products in my household going forward! . Hit these unsupportive fuckers where it hurt them the most: in their pockets. Goya’s 💲 gains & campaigns are far more important than supporting their [former] loyal and huge #Latino clients base👎🏽 . 📢 CONSUMERS’ 💲IS A POWERFUL WEAPON. USE IT!!! ✍🏾 Partial credit to: 📷 @litlatinas

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  1. The use of the Goya perfectly sums up the trashy,glitzy style of the Trump family!

  2. Interesting. So people are only allowed to support Marxists, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, etc etc.
    Good luck with your support of BLM, with funding going nowhere near the communities that actually need it. But congrats on being so woke.

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