Cinecittà Workers Suspend Strike

The Cinecitta occupation
A scene from the Cinecittà occupation (image via

The 200 workers who went on strike beginning in July to protest the potential fate of Italy’s beloved film studios, Cinecittà, have returned to their jobs — at least temporarily. Cinecittà’s management recently struck project deals with US post-production company Deluxe and Italian film and TV technical support company Panalight, and the workers agreed to resume their jobs as a result, according to the Hollywood Reporter. But the paper notes that “[i]t is not immediately clear what film project the work deals are connected to, if any,” and Variety reports that the deals involve the transfer of some Cinecittà staff members to those companies.

The workers are concerned about the fate of their jobs, which is bound up with the fate of the studio. Cinecittà’s management has proposed a €175 million ($227 million) renovation plan that includes building a deluxe hotel and space, a huge parking area, and potentially a movie theme park, citing the need to modernize and attract more business. Workers fear that the studio will be a tourist attraction rather than a working studio, causing them to lose their jobs.

According to Variety, the renovation plan will now go ahead, and a representative for studio management, Luigi Abete, is in the process of negotiating with the unions. It remains unclear if any of the workers will lose their jobs, but is it pessimistic to say that it seems inevitable?


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