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Christmas GIF (Image via

Have you waited till the last minute to do your holiday shopping for all your arty friends? Not a problem — we have a slew of gifts for you that won’t take any time at all to deliver. They’re GIFs! Easily giftable and transmitted instantly over email or the social network of your choice, GIFs make the perfect gifts.

From custom-made artist GIFs to annual digital art memberships that go toward supporting GIF-makers, we’ve got you covered. Pick one up for someone special, or put a link on your wish list.

Man Bartlett’s GIF GIFT

Man Bartlett’s “Rainbow Resonance Study” (Image via

Internet-active artist Man Bartlett is offering a series of custom-made GIF commissions for the low price of just $75. The dynamic animations are abstractions with your choice of colors. For some reason, they remind me a bit of a Christmas tree.

Cory Arcangel’s Holiday Message 

Cory Arcangel’s “Relax” (Image via

For the Guardian, Arcangel has made this sanity-saving GIF telling us all to chill out. Maybe display it permanently on your laptop screen?

The GIF Market

Ole Fach and Kim Asendorf’s GIF market (Image via

Artists Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach’s GIF market lets patrons purchase minimalist animations, adding their name underneath the GIF of their choice. The price of each GIF depends both on how many dots it features and how many GIFs have already been bought, so buy soon.

Rafael Rozendaal’s Mandalas 

Rafael Rozendaal’s “Gradient Circle” (image via

For the Abandon Normal Devices festival, artist Rafael Rozendaal made a hypnotic series of GIFs. Some seem designed to soothe away holiday worries (unlike Cory Arcangel’s seizure-inducing work seen above).

Uniqlo’s GIF Box

GIF from Uniqlo

To celebrate the holiday season, the Japanese clothing label is offering a GIF giveaway that comes with a discount coupon. Give the GIF away and keep the certificate! No one will ever know. I got this cat man riding a rainbow-shooting unicorn.

Jerome Saint-Clair’s Invest in Art

Screen capture by Hyperallergic

Want to buy all of the internet’s GIFs, but finding out that they’re not for sale? Don’t fret, Jerome Saint-Clair’s Javascript bookmark lets you plop down a Gagosian-style red dot next to anything you find online. Collect them all!

Nicolas Sassoon’s Doubledecks

Nicolas Sassoon’s “Double Decker” (image via

Nicolas Sassoon’s GIFs go well with any decor.

Art Micro Patronage Membership 

Image via Art Micro Patronage

It’s not just the Museum of Modern Art that you can join as a member. The online-only Art Micro Patronage gallery space, which supports artists with small donations from viewers, offers annual memberships. Support digital art!

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