Since 1964, the Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes has featured art created in the Dominican Republic. Centro León, a cultural center and museum located in the city of Santiago, hosts the competition’s biennial editions. A virtual tour of this exhibition is currently available at

The 20 artists and collectives whose work is on view are Andrea Ottenwalder, Awelmy Sosa, Charlie Quezada, El Editor Cuir y Johan Mijail, Ernesto Rivera, Franz Caba, Guadalupe Casasnovas, Johanna Castillo, Joiri Minaya, José Morbán, Juana y si no su hermana, Julianny Ariza Vólquez, Lizania Cruz, Mc.kornin Salcedo, Melissa Llamo, Milena de Milena, Raúl Morilla, Suspicious Package, Tomás Pichardo Espaillat, and Yoel Bordas.

The selected artworks that make up this exhibition — 21 in total — offer a combination of artistic expressions that, when taken as a whole, portrays one perspective of contemporary visual arts in the Dominican Republic. Among other subjects, the artists in this show tackle issues such as the relationship between body and space; reflections on their own bodies; the construction or reinterpretation of collective or intimate histories; stereotypes, patterns of power, and their visual representations in culture; racialization; gender roles; the art world’s institutional systems; and artist communities and how they interact.

Gabriela Rangel, Gerardo Mosquera, Raquel Paiewonsky, and Sara Hermann — art historians, curators, and researchers — comprise the jury that selected this exhibition’s participants. They will also determine the contest’s final awardees.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition and learn more at

The 28 Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes is sponsored by the Fundación Eduardo León Jimenes and the Cervecería Nacional Dominicana.