Detail view of Naked Bits Issue One, "Slave for a Queen," featuring a photo by Bob Mizer and Athletic Model Guild (courtesy of Bob Mizer Foundation and under license by Bob Mizer Foundation; all images courtesy Naked Bits)

If you’re looking to make an erotic overture to a special jigsaw hobbyist, we’ve got exciting news! Naked Bits is gearing up to debut a line of “adult puzzles” that celebrate a diverse range of body types, sexualities, and forms of nudity — while also offering a chance to explore notable photographers, publications, and moments in the history of nudity, sure to appeal to art history buffs.

The all-star line-up for the first series of Naked Bits adult puzzles

The first two issues in the curated series, titled “Slave for a Queen” and “The Forest Swan” feature images by controversial photographer Bob Mizer. Issue 3 is “Tangled Bodies” by self-described “fat, queer, Floridian freak” Shoog McDaniel, and issue four, “Sisterhood Freedom” by Anne Barlinckhoff, offers a celebratory view for cheeky bum-lookers. In addition to providing hours of puzzling pleasure and sizzling visuals, this quartet of images touches on mature themes — from censored nudity in the 1940s, to capturing the sensuality between women and their bodies and celebrating different body types with fat, trans, and queer subjects in contemporary art. Co-founders Nicole Robinson and Delta Murphy call the project the product of friendship, curiosity, and passion for creativity and self-expression.

“What started out as a funny shower idea, quickly turned into a shared research project,” reads their shared statement on the Naked Bits website. “We loved the idea of creating something that could help liberate the taboo and encourage everyone to loosen up, laugh a little, and accept one another for who they are.”

This week, Naked Bits launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $16,800 to cover the production of the first four puzzles, all of which are fully licensed, specced out, and ready to get under the jigsaw (I have no idea if jigsaws are still involved in the making of jigsaw puzzles).

As fans of fan-dancers know, there’s nothing so sexy as building anticipation, and nothing is a slower reveal than a jigsaw puzzle. So whether you’re into knob or holes, tabs or slots, keys or locks, or other terminology, this seems to be the perfect thing to get through what will hopefully be our final spring in lockdown.

While you’re at it, get a combination lock for the game cabinet!

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