Kirk Henriques,"Genesis" (2021), poured acrylic paint, 20 inches in diameter

Opening May 29 virtually at Bridget Donahue Gallery, Badminton Tournament represents the cumulative efforts of Cornell University’s current and graduating MFA candidates. The artists work across the mediums of painting, ceramic and sculpture, print media, sound, and a variety of experimental and exploratory materials. 

The graduating class of 2021 includes Morgan Evans-Weiler, who uses found and collected objects to explore temporal relationships and material softness; Kirk Henriques, whose work investigates power structures embedded in the construction and definition of spatial and temporal narratives; Grace Sachi Troxell, who explores the use of clay in collaboration with vegetables and their relations to human cultures and bodies; Paloma Vianey, who examines the impacts of the constructed spaces created by borders and draws from her own experiences growing up in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico; and Xiaoyao Yao, whose work pursues a storytelling approach to explore the controversy between the curious and mundane. 

The class of 2022 includes Erika Germain, whose work navigates language and the complexities and intimacies of experiences of reading; Christine McDonald, whose work questions subjective storytelling, myth, and material secrets; Erin Miller, whose work challenges our perception of the senses through an orchestration of the possible conditions of the body; David Nasca, who is interested in exploring animals as metaphors for human queerness; and Layla Zubi, who uses her own experience to examine cultural and intellectual dominance, community, and multiple identities.

Together the Cornell MFA artists have put together an exhibition that responds to all of these questions and continues to expand upon their relevance within the context of art making.

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