___'s Toyota dream car

Wiran Honthumma’s Toyota dream car

What did you imagine the future would be like when you were a child? Through their Toyota Dream Car Art Contest, Toyota asked kids around the world to think about their daily lives, write a letter to their future selves describing what their childhood is like, and draw what kind of car they imagine they might be driving years down the line.

The children’s creative visions are realized in videos that animate their drawings, turning fantasy into reality and making dreams come true. In the short video below, Wiran Honthumma of Thailand’s Sa Kaeo province narrates her letter from a sunny schoolhouse in the countryside. She creates a car that has a bathtub and toys, as well as a place to cook food, a vehicle that might help with her babysitting duties.

Extended versions and additional videos including Kenyan Naylee Nimesh Nagda’s story, can be found on Toyota’s site dedicated to the Dream Art Contest.

See the prize-winning car designs in Toyota’s gallery. The ideas range from cars for the blind to a car that runs on solar energy, a tsunami resistant car, and advanced sports cars — the possibilities are endless.

Iram Mahbub Nokshi’s Toyota dream car

Katunyu Wattanapraditchai’s Toyota dream car

“If there’s really a car like this in the future I bet you’ll be so happy,” Honthumma tells her future self in the video. The cars that the children imagine are given shape by their vibrant drawings. It’s art, after all, that allows us to show the world not just how it is but how we hope it to be.

Check out more of Toyota Dream Car Art Contest in the drawing galleries.

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