In the Arctic, ice is both all around and constantly disappearing. Iva Radivojević’s latest short film Utuqaq, available to watch at Field of Vision, explores climate change from the perspective of this beautiful and vital element, as four researchers embark on an expedition to drill ice cores in subzero temperatures. 

Set in Greenland’s vast lunar landscape, ice is also a contemplative protagonist, observing the research team as they work to reveal decades of climate history. Narrated in Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic) by Aviaja Lyberth, Utuqaq serves as a timely reminder of all that is being lost as a result of our current ecological crisis — and what remains. The film’s title translates to “ice that lasts year after year.”

Utuqaq is written, filmed, and edited by Radivojević, who is known for Evaporating Borders, Notes from the Border, and the recent New Directors/New Films feature selection Aleph.

Watch Utuqaq today on Field of Vision, Vimeo, and YouTube.

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