On Friday, July 30, New Mexico-based artist Tigre Mashaal-Lively will unveil “The Solacii” at its new home outside form & concept gallery in Santa Fe. Mashaal-Lively (they/them/their), a multidisciplinary artist and founding member of the Earthseed Black Arts Alliance, created the 21-foot-tall outdoor sculpture out of steel, resin, lights, sound, and donated and reclaimed textiles.

“The Solacii” debuted at Burning Man in 2017, sheltering festival participants from the intense heat of the Black Rock Desert. Its Santa Fe debut coincides with the closing day of Mashaal-Lively’s first exhibition at form & concept, Entangled Futurities, which asks the question, “How do we spore the futures in which we want to live?” The two-person show also features ceramic works and speculative fiction by New Mexico artist Pascal Emmer.

Named after a fictionalized race of empathic beings devised by Mashaal-Lively, The Solacii provides solace to all. “With wise, old hands, the Solacii opens its many-layered cloak to reveal a sanctuary for curious visitors. Inside the sanctum, visitors are immersed in the textures and sounds of the Solacii’s ancient, transdimensional body. Both cozy and cathedral-like, the inner sanctuary offers space for solitude and intimate gatherings, as well as a home for meditation, deep conversation, and healing,” says Mashaal-Lively.

Alongside contributing artists Anastazia Louise Aranaga and Gala Aranaga, lead artist Mashaal-Lively constructed the robes of “The Solacii” from personal garments and heirlooms gathered from their communities. According to Mashaal-Lively, “It symbolizes collective memories, stories, and experiences of humanity.”

For more information, visit formandconcept.center/the-solacii.

As of July 30, 2021, “The Solacii” can be found at its new home outside form & concept (435 South Guadalupe Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico).