NFTs have had a quick ride from niche technology to mainstream awareness in a matter of months, thanks to some mind-blowingly large sales and escalating celebrity interest. But for those in the art world, NFTs have been a steady growth opportunity for major disruption to the traditional structure.

Despite a variety of opportunities for creators to buy and sell, the barriers to entry in the NFT world remain high, from the initial monetary investment to the required understanding of crypto. To boot, many artists don’t have access to the knowledge of how they can use emerging technologies in their creations. This summer, that changes with the launch of the Voice platform.

Voice is focused on making NFTs easy for everyone. The platform is built on a special purpose blockchain that is optimized specifically for NFTs, focusing on speed and resilience. For those concerned about the environmental impact of NFTs, Voice’s blockchain provides a comfortable alternative — the blockchain has a near-neutral carbon footprint, and what remains is offset by Voice.

These factors diminish the exclusionary nature of the space and introduce digital creation and collection to an entirely new group of individuals. With free minting and the ability to purchase with a credit card, Voice opens the door to anyone who ever wanted to buy or sell an NFT but didn’t know how.

Voice is partnering with established leaders in arts and culture as well as emerging creators to develop the platform, and will highlight their collaborative works in a series of exclusive drops this fall.

The NFT Residency is focused on giving emerging creators the resources to explore the powerful potential of NFTs. Kimberly Drew, Misan Harriman, Myriam Ben Salah, and Azu Nwagbogu are among Voice’s inaugural group of NFT Residency Curators.

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