Imagine having a personal assistant who helps you discover new artists and exhibitions every day. Meet Arthur! Arthur sorts through and organizes news, exhibitions, auctions, and social media to keep you up-to-date on the artists you follow and the ones you’re just discovering.

Discover Art
As your personal guide to the art world, Arthur will send you a daily “crate” of art to review — a fun way to find new artists or reconnect with old favorites. Over time, Arthur learns what you like and can recommend new artists for you to check out.

Stay Informed
Arthur analyzes news articles from top arts publications to find articles about the artists and galleries you follow. Read articles, market analysis, and reviews from top arts-related channels about the artists you care most about.

Never Miss an Event
Always know when an artist you follow is featured in an upcoming exhibition, OVR (online viewing room), or auction. Save interesting events to your event list. See lists of current and upcoming exhibitions by artists you follow, or search by location to find events near you.

Create and Share Collections
Save artworks you find on Arthur to Collections. Make your Collections public to share with the whole community, or share them privately with people you select. Add your comments to Collections to join in the conversation.

Arthur is still in private beta, but Hyperallergic readers can sign up now to be among our first users! Download the app and use invite code hyper for exclusive access before it’s publicly available later this year. 

Get Arthur for free by using the invite code hyper in the App Store and Google Play Store.

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