1. An ill-assorted collection of parts assembled to fulfill a particular purpose.

1. Use ill-assorted parts to make (something).

Join Joe’s Pub for five nights of Kludge. Curated by Joe’s Vanguard Residency artist Laurie Anderson, the lineup includes poet Anne Carson, “audio provocateur” Arto Lindsay, writer Lafcadio Cass, and cellist Rubin Kodheli. This multi-faceted array of artists will be experienced differently every evening.

  • Tuesday, October 12 – Rubin Kodheli / Lafcadio Cass
  • Wednesday, October 13 – Anne Carson / Rubin Kodheli Trio with Trevor Dunn & Brian Chase
  • Thursday, October 14 – Arto Lindsay / Anne Carson
  • Friday, October 15 – Anne Carson / Lafcadio Cass
  • Saturday, October 16 – Anne Carson / Arto Lindsay / Lafcadio Cass / Rubin Kodheli

Get more information and reserve your tickets at joespub.org.