The Anita Shapolsky Gallery presents Latin Parade, a diverse, multigenerational exhibition that aims to question the art world’s expectations of “Latin Artists.” In this show, artists who are often “paraded” together are seen for their disparate histories — as individuals whose identities are as unique as their artistic styles. With Latin Parade, Anita Shapolsky Gallery proudly continues its nearly 40-year tradition of creating space for artists from diverse backgrounds.

Featured artists include:

Rodolfo Abularach (1933–2020), whose mesmerizing depictions of the human eye earned him a reputation as one of Latin America’s leading painters of detailed works. Of Palestinian descent and born in Guatemala, his art is included in collections at the Museum of Modern Art, Brazil’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and many more.

Mario Bencomo, a Cuban-born artist whose work belongs to the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Art Museum of the Americas in Washington, DC. He blurs the line between the intuitive and sensual aspects of perception, drawing inspiration from ambiguity within animistic allusions.

Denise Carvalho, a Brazilian-born artist who draws inspiration from various philosophies, juxtaposing geometric shapes and lines to allude to ideas of emotion and language. Her work has been featured at Japan’s Fukuyama Museum, Gallery Korea in New York, and in the Florence Biennale.

Pérez Celis (1939–2008), who earned international acclaim with striking, intense strokes and layering that blends raw emotion with piercing planes. Work by the Argentinian-born artist is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Entes, who creates work that embodies the dialogue a city establishes with art. By preserving this graffiti art-dialectic through the calico technique, the art on view demands witness through its “off the wall” display. The Peruvian-born artist’s work is scheduled to be the centerpiece at Scope Art Fair 2021 in Miami.

Agustín Fernández (1928–2006), the internationally-known Cuban surrealist recognized for his balanced, erotic imaginings within metallic palettes. His work has been featured at the 2016 Paris Internationale and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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