Turn Your Vines into Flipbooks

Vine Flip (Illustration via vineflip.com)
Vine Flip (Illustration via vineflip.com)

Flipbooks have been around since 1868 when they were invented as “kineographs” by John Barnes Linnett. They used to fascinate crowds as the pioneer of moving image media before they were eclipsed by, you know, film projectors. So you totally need a new way to make flipbooks now, right?

Vine Flip is a service that turns your Vines, the six-second videos that are probably today’s answer to the older media, into flipbooks. That’s right, you, too, can shoot a video on your iPhone and get it printed into an old-school animation instead of just posting it on Facebook like a normal human being.

The Vine Flips are the size of a standard business card and come two for $10, 5 for $24, 10 for $45, and 20 for $85. They take five to 10 business days to arrive though, so for those of us addicted to Vine’s insta-video, it’ll mean a bit of a wait. Don’t worry; it’s still way faster than people in the late 19th century could turn their iPhone files into flipbooks.  They had to wait 140 years for the phones to even be invented.

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