Souhad Rafey, who has acted as curator at the American Academy of Arts and Letters for 23 years, is retiring at the end of 2021. Her farewell exhibition How do I Measure my Gratitude? will feature the work of 46 accomplished artists who have supported and collaborated with Souhad during her career — many of whom encountered her in their day jobs as art handlers, museum guards, fine art truckers, and museum colleagues. This exhibition is an opportunity to honor these individuals by showcasing their work.

Lyrics from “Seasons of Love” inspired the title of the exhibition. This song is from the musical Rent, which received a Richard Rodgers Studio Production Award from the Academy in 1994. 

Exhibiting Artists
Joel Adas ∙ Taji Ameen ∙ Patrick Berran ∙ Alexander Bevington ∙ Blinn And Lambert
Gary Ray Bugarcic ∙ George Carr ∙ Jim Conboy ∙ Steven Day ∙ Graham Durward ∙ Betsey Feeley ∙ Toma Fichter ∙ Katte Geneta ∙ Michael Handley ∙ Marilu Datoli Hartnett ∙ Joel Holub ∙ Elizabeth Jordan ∙ Andy Kessler ∙ Nicole Laemmle ∙ Steven Langehough ∙ Clynton Lowry ∙ Renee Magnanti ∙ Jane McNichol ∙ Benny Merris ∙ Drew Miller ∙ James Miller ∙ Cy Morgan ∙ Bill Pangburn ∙ Jack Robinson ∙ Billy Rohan ∙ Carlos Roque ∙ Emma Rossoff ∙ Stefan Saal ∙ Rich Scarpitta ∙ Yancy Scot Schwartz ∙ Ivory Serra ∙ James Sheehan ∙ Larry Silver ∙ John Szlasa ∙ Ezra Talmatch ∙ Colin Thomson ∙ Joseph Vaughn ∙ Mathew R. Weaver ∙ Roy Williams ∙ Stephen Williams

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