BlackFlash Magazine’s Fall/Winter issue Infinities brings together a range of Canadian contributors to examine the traditions and conventions of Islamic visual culture’s influence on contemporary art. Whether it is Persian miniature painting or the oral storytelling traditions from the Horn of Africa, Canadian artists are increasingly taking up diasporic practices that push the limits of the meaning of Islamic art today.

Each print issue features a limited-edition risograph print by emerging Afghan-Canadian artist Shaheer Zazai. Zazai is known for creating complex imagery based on Afghan rugs using Microsoft Word. In addition to the print issue of the magazine, Infinities features a full program of virtual talks and interviews by contributing artists. Four digital shorts by Faisa Omer, Alize Zorlutuna, Habiba El-Sayed, and Shaheer Zazai will be published in tandem with the issue’s launch.

The guest editor of Infinities, curator and art historian Nadia Kurd, commissioned over 20 artists and writers to explore their traditions, heritages, and artistic practices. From techniques and symbols to concepts and designs, artists such as Tazeen Qayyum, Abdi Osman, Shaheer Zazai, and Azadeh Elmizadeh have employed various methods and materials to not only show the ways in which Islamic visual cultures continue to inform their work, but also the challenges, possibilities, and implications in doing so. Through interviews, profiles, critical analysis, and candid conversations, this thoughtfully curated issue aims to significantly advance the conversation on Islamic art traditions in Canada as well as the relationship communities have with art and artists who draw from a collective belief.

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