Totally Uncool Jokers: Barbara Kruger’s Conceptual Comeback to Supreme Lawsuit

Earlier this month, Complex covered Supreme’s hitting Leah McSweeney of clothing line Married to the MOB with a $10 million lawsuit for copyright infringement, as McSweeney did a parody of the streetwear label’s logo as “Supreme Bitch.” Rightly, Complex wondered what the conceptual artist who inspired the logo in the first place thought about it, namely Barbara Kruger with her red and white sans serif text work. She’s long been quiet about it, but yesterday she delivered this response in a blank email to Complex’s request for comment on the lawsuit and all of the appropriation.

Barbara Kruger's response to Complex (via
Barbara Kruger’s response to Complex (via

fools.doc indeed. And a pretty awesome update of her 1984 screen print:

Barbara Kruger, "Don't Be a Jerk" (1984), screenprint (via Sprueth Magers)
Barbara Kruger, “Don’t Be a Jerk” (1984), screenprint (via Sprueth Magers)
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