It’s easy to quit a job — but hard to leave a community
Distributed teams and hybrid working are great in many ways — full of flexibility and freedom. But not being physically together at the office can be hard on people, as there’s very little sense of culture and belonging.

The employee experience platform Human Hotel was explicitly developed by artists to create strong human bonds among colleagues.

Overcome Zoom fatigue and a scattered culture by coming together for our Home Dinners. 

Home Dinners: Dine your way to great culture
With Home Dinners, we create your very own company dinner tradition by bringing your teams together for monthly, pain-free dinners in the homes of fellow colleagues. 

We start in your Slack/Teams channel and take care of everything: Onboarding hosts, inviting guests, dealing with RSVPs, dietary requirements, food box delivery, etc. 

It’s a fact that sharing dinner experiences makes us humans happier and more connected — but it’s hard and heavy to organize as your team grows. So leave it to us!

From art to the future of work
In support of the climate movement, Human Hotel was founded by a group of socially-engaged artists working with some of the world’s leading art institutions, such as the 55th La Biennale di Venezia and GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art.

For the recent UN COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow in November 2021, Human Hotel served activists more than 12,000 affordable nights of stays with local hosts. While Airbnb prices surged to an average of more than $800 per night, the nightly cost of a Human Hotel was just $6.

Discover our powerful employee experience platform
Our experience has given us a fundamental understanding of how people connect and belong, and we’ve applied that knowledge to create a dynamic employee experience platform.

Want to learn more about the IRL employee experience platform that helps create a culture of belonging — and measure it, too?

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