Bruce Linn, Detail of “Colonial Period” Panel from Building America (1996–2001), oil on canvas, 72" x 648" (image courtesy the artist and Chris Iovenko)

KMAC Museum is excited to announce that its 2022 KMAC Triennial exhibition, Divided We Fall, is now open to the public and will remain on view in Louisville through November 6, 2022. Works selected for the museum’s triennials highlight the practices of contemporary artists who have personal and professional ties to the Kentucky region, and often reflect upon issues that are particularly relevant to the area and its residents.

Since the closing of KMAC Museum’s last triennial on December 1, 2019, the US has experienced collective states of disruption, revolution, and rehabilitation. The 2022 iteration opens against the backdrop of a global pandemic, social unrest, and climate change, which has been acutely felt in Kentucky during destructive floods and deadly waves of tornadoes.

Divided We Fall features artists who work across multiple creative disciplines including painting, sculpture, textile, photography, printmaking, and multimedia installation. In reference to the Kentucky state motto, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall,” works in the exhibition aim to connect concerns relevant to our geographic region with issues that define the larger national narrative, recalling how our landscape can be a site of conflict and resistance, as well as a place of unity and mutual respect.

Divided We Fall presents the work of 11 contemporary artists: Tammy Burke, Jon Cherry, Ceirra Evans, J. Daniel Graham, Ed Hamilton, Bruce Linn, Ebony G. Patterson, José Manuel Nápoles Puerto, Hannah Smith, Norman Spencer, and Vadis Turner.

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