Visitors to XNA Airport in Bentonville, Arkansas, will have an unforgettable first impression of the region from the sky and on the ground with the newly-revealed “Ice and a Slice” installation by Camille Walala, covering the exterior of side-by-side service buildings.

Produced by OZ Art NWA and curated by Justkids, the public art piece signals the vibrancy of Northwest Arkansas’s culture and community and takes its title from a classic line that British flight attendants would repeat to travelers on board when offering them a beverage: “Would you like ice and a slice of lemon in your drink?”

The installation’s striking colors are reflected inside the airport terminal, greeting flyers through a lounge space also designed by Walala. Travelers arriving at and departing from the airport have a new opportunity to take a moment of relaxation amid travel stress.

Exploration is a way of life in Bentonville and Northwest Arkansas. Anchored by museums, hospitality, and outdoor adventures, OZ Art NWA advances the experience by incorporating beautiful and inspiring art into everyday life across the region and celebrating the diversity of art around us.

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