Hyperallergic Store here, cruising in once again this time of year to say hey — happy holidays. The only thing we like better than getting gifts is giving them (aww) and in our professional opinion, one of the best and most personal ways to show someone how much you care is through art. Fortunately our store features accessible, affordable, and playful means art-inspired gifts for everyone on your holiday lists.

We’ve added loads of new products this past year, particularly focused on staying warm with these stunning scarves and super cool socks. Bags and totes featuring famous works of art can also be found in our Accessories section, perfect for carrying books, groceries, or whatever you may need to schlep from one location to the next. Want to jazz up your wardrobe with a little something extra? We have an encyclopedia’s worth of options in our pin collection. How about beautifying your living space? Look no further than our Home Goods section, which includes tableware and more inspired by artists and art history. Throwing a holiday party? Make your invitations stand out with these artful cards.

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The Sun Socks

“I saw the sun rise up above the rocks — I painted the sun,” said Edvard Munch on the genesis of his enormous wall painting “The Sun,” created in 1911 for the University of Oslo’s then-new Aula, where it is still enjoyed by students, faculty, and Munch fans. May these optimistic socks carry you through winter’s darkest days! 

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Gee’s Bend Pettway Quilt Scarf

A recreation of Lucy T. Pettway’s iconographic “Housetop and Bricklayer with Bars” (c. 1955) decorates this modal silk scarf. Part of the collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the original quilt is intentionally pictorial, depicting an imaginary aerial view of the old Pettway plantation. 

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Matisse’s Model Puzzle x Faith Ringgold

With 1,000 puzzle pieces, assemble “Matisse’s Model” (1991), a quilt painting by Faith Ringgold. It’s part of one of her best-known series, The French Collection, which tells the story of Willia Marie Simone, a fictional Black American artist and artists’ model in the early 20th century.

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Basquiat “Untitled” Recycled Tote Bag

Jean-Michel Basquiat rose to art world fame in the 1980s and his legacy continues to resonate today. “Untitled” (1981), the intricate work featured on this tote — made from 100% recycled materials — is representative of his raw, gestural style with graffiti-like motifs and scrawled text.

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American Quilt Tea Towel

Can you tell from this list that we really like quilts? Adorned with a so-called “Honeycomb” pattern, this charming tea towel reproduces a detail from a quilt by Elizabeth Van Horne Clarkson (1771–1852). An early example of American wholly pieced quilting, it’s believed she created the piece as a wedding present for her son around 1830.

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“Late-Night Chat is Filled with Dreams” Mug Set x Yayoi Kusama

One of life’s universal truths is that you can never have too many mugs, and this dreamy pair would make a lovely gift for couples, roommates, or anyone who could use a matching set. Made in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama, they’re great at containing warm, comforting drinks while you and a companion discuss art, the universe, and everything in between.

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat

From Mary Catsatt to Meow Weiwei, artist and illustrator Nia Gould reimagines more than 20 influential artists as felines in this joyful tome. Stylized, cattified portraits and clever, punny biographies that reveal the lives (all nine) behind each artist’s work are sure to bring out a smile in just about anyone. What a purrfect gift for the art-and-animal-lover in your life!

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Helen Frankenthaler Notecards

Send these art notecards in the mail to show you care this holiday season. A customer favorite, this sublime set showcases 10 luminous works by Abstract Expressionist Helen Frankenthaler. Her expressive fields of vivid color are as evocative today as when she first painted them in the 1960s.

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Sumatran Symbols Coaster Set

These stunning lacquered wood coasters recall the celestial motifs burned onto the surface of a lampit created in Indonesia’s Lampung province at some point during the late 19th or early 20th century. Made of rattan cane fibers, these ceremonial mats were decorated pyrographically, with patterns drawn on using a heated stylus. 

Let art protect your books and furniture from ring stains: check out our coasters!

Christina’s World Enamel Pin

Andrew Wyeth’s “Christina’s World” (1948) is one of the most famous paintings at the Museum of Modern Art, a standout work in an iconic collection. Painted by Wyeth and titled by his wife Betsy, the story behind the piece is as rich and intricate as the artwork itself. Add this little slice of art history to your outfit rotation with this enamel and brass pin.

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Vincent van Gogh Action Figure

Brighten up your workspace with this adorable van Gogh figurine! He comes with a removable ear, plus an easel to display five miniature reproductions of some of his best-known works. We can confirm there’s no better companion for a studio or desk — Vincent sits in a place of honor at the Hyperallergic Store’s Brooklyn office.

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“Red Dots” Plate x Louise Bourgeois

We’re simply dotty for this fine bone china plate that features a design from Louise Bourgeois’s fabric book Ode À La Bièvre. Two more plates in our shop are also decorated with eye-catching imagery from this work. Feast your eyes upon them all, then pile them high with food and enjoy. 

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Las Meninas Socks

We started this gift guide with socks and we’re closing it with socks — ’tis the season, after all. These combed cotton beauties sport details from one of the most recognizable paintings in the Western canon, Diego Velázquez’s “Las Meninas” (1656). Can you spot the artist himself among his subjects?

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