Jane Lombard Gallery is pleased to present (Barely) Tempered: Concepts in Tension, organized by Richard Lombard, independent curator of design. This cross-disciplinary exhibition comprises works in glass by an international assemblage of artists, designers, and makers, blurring the boundaries of art and design. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, these practitioners take this fragile, multidimensional material and form fluid expressions across a range of concepts. Gallery artists James Clar, Kristin McIver, and Lucy + Jorge Orta are featured as well as Tomoko Amaki Abe, Adolf Gunther, Lukas Milanak, Thomas Modeen, Malin Pierre, Rui Sasaki, Silo Studio, and Vezzini & Chen. 

From optically clear to fully opaque, razor-sharp edges to organic forms, dense to diaphanous, and every possible color — glass is the chameleon of materials, giving range to discourses on environmental changes, material interactions, and the immense potential in all organisms. Often overlooked due to its own ubiquity from window panes to drinking vessels, glass is one of the most multifaceted materials to work with, irrespective of discipline. 

The selected works explore a critical element of glass, and of life — tension. Annealing, the control of internal stresses in the material, is essential to the successful execution of works in glass. Tempering, a type of annealing process, forces the surface of the material into the core; when done incorrectly, the slightest input could cause an explosion. This delicate balance is epitomized by an immersive, luminous, site-specific installation of phosphorescent glass works by Rui Sasaki.

(Barely) Tempered: Concepts in Tension will be on view at Jane Lombard Gallery from March 10 through April 22. An opening reception will be held on March 10 from 6 to 8pm, and includes a performance by Lukas Milanak with his work “The Mobile Alchemy Research Station (M.A.R.S.)” at 7pm.

For more information, visit janelombardgallery.com.

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