Ding dong, the witch is dead! It’s a great day here in Munchkinland, as people of good conscience join hands in song to celebrate the ousting of Tucker Carlson from his evil tower at Fox News. As actor Michael Rapaport put it: “Hahahaaa. Ha, you f**k.”

The right-wing talking head and blowhard has been platforming misinformation and polarizing rhetoric since becoming part of the Fox prime-time lineup in 2017 with his 8pm show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” This sudden shift comes on the heels of Fox News paying the $787.5 million settlement of a billion-dollar defamation lawsuit, brought against the network by Dominion Voting Systems regarding categoric attempts by Carlson and other Fox News pundits to undermine the validity of the 2020 election results by questioning the voting system.

It seems that Carlson’s legendary misogyny also played in his fall from professional grace — an experience being mirrored across the aisle, as CNN has terminated Don Lemon on claims of extensive workplace misconduct and misogyny toward fellow anchors and other staff.

Those are the facts, but more importantly, where are the memes? EVERYWHERE! It is a rich meme buffet, and we are here to sample the takes while they’re hot. Pull up a chair!

For straightforward meme fodder, Carlson himself is, of course, a bottomless well of inspiration.

If you’re tired of looking at his stupid face, though, there are the memes that call back to some of Carlson’s most performative and pointless moments of outrage — for example, the Sexy Green M&M scandal or his sideswipes at Lil Nas X.

Screencap from @loboreturns21 on Twitter

Or deep cuts, linking Carlson to a family legacy of libel.

There’s always, always the Simpsons.

Screencap of @jitterypillow41 on Twitter

And for those desiring crossover appeal, a whole host of Succession-themed Tucker Carlson-is-fired memes are ripe for the choosing. So many, in fact, that New York Magazine’s Intelligencer posted an entire explainer to help you choose the exact right Succession meme to express your joy about Tucker Carlson being fired.

(The general consensus seems to be Kerry.)

But on a serious note, let’s not forget the real, human tragedy behind this firing, which will leave a true void in the hearts of people who tune in every night for their daily hit of outrage.

Goodbye and never again, you hateful hypocrite!

Sarah Rose Sharp is a Detroit-based writer, activist, and multimedia artist. She has shown work in New York, Seattle, Columbus and Toledo, OH, and Detroit — including at the Detroit Institute of Arts....