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Painting for Bollywood

PUNE, INDIA — Last summer I was offered an interesting project by a good friend, film director Sachin Kundalkar. He was about to start shooting his Hindi film Aiyyaa and asked me to create paintings for the movie. Kundalkar is a brilliant storyteller and director, and before this major Bollywood project, he had directed and written a couple of award-winning films in the Marathi language. A fan of his directorial style, I agreed to be a part of the project. Last week, the film was released in India and also in some international cities.

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Tantric Paintings: Some Observations

PUNE, INDIA — It has been some time now that I have been reading and looking at pictures of abstract Tantric paintings coming from Rajasthan, India. I have seen a couple of artists referring to them in their video interviews while elaborating on the topic of non-objective art, and then there was the first edition of Frank Andre Jammes’ book, Tantra Songs, which sold out in just a few weeks.

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An Indian Tribal Artist Hits the Mainstream at Sotheby’s Auction

On September 15, 2011, Sotheby’s New York auction of South Asian art will present a significantly important piece of work by prolific Indian tribal artist Jangarh Singh Shyam (1960-2001) alongside well-recognized and frequently auctioned artists from the Indian modern art scene. It is a seven feet by six feet acrylic work painted on paper, mounted on canvas. Although this is not the first time that Jangarh’s work has made its way to the important art auction, it is not a frequent occurrence either.

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“Hope” As I See It From Across the Sea

PUNE, INDIA — Yet another “season” of American elections is at our doorstep. “Season” is well-accepted television jargon in India now. Many young, urban Indian tele-watchers have picked up the “season thing” easily. These young Indians also ardently follow and virtually participate in the very wellorganized, entertainingly televised and “branded” drama of American elections. Besides television, access to the internet with live information bombarding and constantly propagated graphical and video content has changed the scenario forever for our times. Staying updated about any specific domain or subject of your interest is click-easy.