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The Bronx’s Favorite Abandoned Mansion Becomes a Home for Art

In the last several years, the term “pop up” has become ubiquitous in the art world. The majority of these related, newfound endeavors — brief exhibitions, stores and happenings — make charming use of relatively sparse, small storefronts. In this vein, I’ve come to expect a bit of space-maximizing ingenuity from the pop-up crowd. And yet I couldn’t have been more pleased to find the exact opposite at No Longer Empty’s latest temporary exhibition, This Side of Paradise. The sprawling show occupies more than 20 rooms of the abandoned Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx and takes its name from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel, a fitting tale of greed and social ambition.

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Designing the Future

Lebbeus Woods is probably the most famous architect you’ve never heard of. Although, perhaps the word architect is limiting. Since the beginning of his career at a number of highbrow firms in the 1980s the architect, theorist and (I will venture) artist has weaved his off kilter brand of design in and out of a variety of mediums. He has become most famous for his temporary installations, pavilions, interventions and proposals that play with existing spaces, designs and systems.

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A Visit to Mike Kelley’s Last Show

The beginning of January marked the opening of Hoodwinked, a two-man show featuring Richard Prince and Mike Kelley at Nyehaus gallery in Chelsea. I had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition several times and the unnerving but positive opportunity to revisit it after the artist’s death, as the gallery extended the exhibition in lieu of the circumstances.

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Art or Animal Cruelty?

Indian artist Navin Thomas recently recieved a bunch of press for winning the SKODA prize for Indian contemporary art. Unfortunately his latest sound installation at Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi is garnering attention for an entirely different reason.

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Monastic, Psychedelic and Party Time

Mark Warren Jacques’s paintings are equal parts pop and mysticism; they linger between the monastic the psychedelic and party time. A Portland-based artist, his works assert themselves with a clearly defined West Coast swagger. They beam light straight into your head, they knock you down with colorful brilliance only to offer you a leg up and a wholehearted wink.