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Turning Ideas Into Spiels

Leon Neyfakh of The New York Observer takes aim at the shit that floats in the art world and boy does he make his case. In “Bullshit Artists,” he quotes curator Robert Storr, who is also the dean of Yale School of Art, on numerous occasions and I’ve never heard Storr sound more insightful …

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Best of Richard Flood/Prairie Dogs … Redux

Our post this morning about the New Museum’s Richard Flood and his bizarre blogging-related remarks caused a frenzy of commentary and activity online. Check out the best from Twitter, our commenters, Jerry Saltz’s Facebook page, and the prairie dogs (aka bloggers) themselves!

We’ve decided to summarize some of the funniest and most clever things people have written (in no particular order) about the post written by the talented Lisa Radon. The comments have been edited for clarity.