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Best of Richard Flood/Prairie Dogs … Redux

Our post this morning about the New Museum’s Richard Flood and his bizarre blogging-related remarks caused a frenzy of commentary and activity online. Check out the best from Twitter, our commenters, Jerry Saltz’s Facebook page, and the prairie dogs (aka bloggers) themselves!

We’ve decided to summarize some of the funniest and most clever things people have written (in no particular order) about the post written by the talented Lisa Radon. The comments have been edited for clarity.

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Art Bum Takes on Joannou, Saltz & “Hooverville”

I’m a big fan of artist Lawrence Swan’s Art Bum series, which follows the life of a frustrated artist who feels alienated from the sexy Art World of fame, fortune and major retrospectives. Given Art Bum’s critique of all things Art World, I was happy to see that Swan’s most recent strip targeted a number of personalities that are currently dominating art chatter in New York: collector/New Museum trustee Dakis Joannou, New York Magazine art critic/Facebook art celebrity Jerry Saltz, and artist/critic William Powhida.

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Searching For “The Greatest Living American Abstract Painter”

Modern Art Notes’ Tyler Green has a knack for wonderful ideas that create entertaining conversations about art, lest we forget his tweet that lead to the Super Bowl bet between the New Orleans Museum of Art and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Like the footbal bet, his latest idea also combines his two loves, sports and art, to create what he is calling, “The Greatest Living American Abstract Painter Tourney-ish.”