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Marco Brambilla Brings Star Trek to Times Square

After Hours is a new joint venture of Times Square Arts and the Clocktower Gallery, and it’s aiming to bring creatives back to the hub of Times Square. Each month, After Hours will invite leading artists, musicians and performers to a very New York venue to expand the minds of visitors. Hyperallergic is proud to be the exclusive media partner for the series. For tickets — plus delicious drinks and a chance to see great art and meet the artists, RSVP here.

Posted inArt

Your Guide to Tonight’s Beat Nite: The Limited Edition

Bushwick’s Beat Nite: The Limited Edition is organized by Norte Maar and curated by Julian Jimarez-Howard of Outlet Fine Art. This latest gallery hop will include 10 art spaces from the over 30 gallereis that dot the neighborhood, and it will culminate in a giant after party at the new bar and cabaret Bizarre, where music group Pass Kontrol will be performing. This is what’s on tonight’s art menu.