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Your Guide to Tonight’s Beat Nite: The Limited Edition

Bushwick’s Beat Nite: The Limited Edition is organized by Norte Maar and curated by Julian Jimarez-Howard of Outlet Fine Art. This latest gallery hop will include 10 art spaces from the over 30 gallereis that dot the neighborhood, and it will culminate in a giant after party at the new bar and cabaret Bizarre, where music group Pass Kontrol will be performing. This is what’s on tonight’s art menu.

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Hyperallergic TV’s Reactor Podcast: Discussing PS1’s “Greater New York”

Today, we are launching our first Reactor podcast with a critical discussion of PS1’s Greater New York 2010 exhibition. Hosted by Hyperallergic editor Hrag Vartanian, the podcast features Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City, artist/critic William Powhida, as well as, Liza Eliano of Art Fag City, Holly Gover of Hyperallergic, and Warren King, who is currently interning with Powhida.