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The Sensations of Presence

MIAMI — Strong in the traditions of European and Carribean art, The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale has an array of standout exhibitions that include the work of painter William Glackens and a collection of ceramics by Pablo Picasso. What left an impression during a recent visit, however, was the work of Los Angeles painter John Sonsini.

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A Story of Love, Plants and Death

Based on Alejandro Zambra’s masterful novella, the film Bonsái is a story of love, plants, death and the literature that seamlessly links them all. Bonsái premiered at Cannes to favorable reviews and took the top prize at the Miami Film Festival earlier this year. Directed by the Chilean Cristián Jiménez (Illusiones Opticas), it is an exercise in minimalism and nuance.

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Hitchcock and the Art of Brevity

As a filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock understood the value of time. Throughout his career he sought to always be mindful and respectful of the audience in this regard. One of his many strengths, to be sure, was his ability to maximize each minute, never drawing out scenes when he deemed it unnecessary.