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Posted inArt

Words and Pictures: A Controversy

Molly Norris has been told by the FBI that she needs to change her name and go into hiding because of a cartoon she drew making fun of Comedy Central for censoring South Park. I don’t know what to do about it, but I’m not going to respond by making a cartoon ridiculing Muslims. Maybe I’ll ridicule terrorists and their sponsors, but they just don’t listen to me. Back in May, Hrag wrote about Molly Norris and the stir it caused. I see I clicked Like, and its a good article, but I remember being bothered by Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, and not wanting to participate in it.

Posted inArt

Your Own Reality Show

We are living in our own reality shows. Those of us who are spending more and more time on social media, or on blogs, regularly updating our “friends” about our daily activities know the feeling. And, since these new media companies are owned and controlled by corporations, these reality shows of ours are ultimately as problematic as any on the Bravo TV network.