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Crocheting Street Artist Olek Facing Charges in London, But Details Still Unclear

News has been bubbling about yarn-bombing sensation Olek’s recent legal troubles in London, but the situation still remains unclear. On Sunday, December 11, the artist sent out a Facebook message to a few friends, claiming that she will spend the holiday season “fighting for her freedom” and directing them to the site Olek’s Appeal for further details. Cat Weaver, who has worked with Olek, and is a Hyperallergic contributor and blogger at The Art Machine, confirmed the news with Olek over Skype and posted the FB message as well as a statement from Olek’s lawyer, Paul Morris, that provides some clues as to what the artist is facing …

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Occupy Wall Street’s Battle for a New Home, Will It be Duarte Square?

Since the raid on Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park last month, the movement and related working groups have been searching for a new space to call home. Many have had their eye on Duarte Square, a vacant lot on Sixth Avenue and Canal Street that is comprised of both public and private land. While Duarte Park is owned by the city, the larger enclosed portion of the square belongs to Trinity Real Estate, a commercial realty business that holds six million square feet in the Hudson Square neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.

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Skip Rockefeller Center and See the Met’s Christmas Tree

You can bet most tourists (and some persuaded New Yorkers) will be gawking at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree this holiday season, but the tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has always been one of my personal favorites of decorated evergreens that spring up around the city for the holidays. Tucked away in the museum’s Medieval Sculpture Hall on the ground floor, the tree is a 20-foot blue spruce this year adorned with its traditional decor of 18th-century Neapolitan angels and cherubs.

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A Taste of Occupy Wall Street Films

Since the raid on Occupy Wall Street’s home in Zuccotti Park, news on the Arts and Culture front of the movement has slowed down a bit. Yet one OWS art topic that has yet to receive much attention are the films created by protesters and affiliated artists that express and document the uprising of the %99. Video and film are possibly the most powerful medium to track developments of the movement, used as both a social media tool and immediate evidence of police brutality as well as an artistic outlet for statements on the myriad of issues surrounding OWS.

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Weekly Art Rx

After a whirlwind of parties, events and an overwhelming amount of art at Art Basel Miami, we have just what you need to settle back into the New York swing of things. This week’s Art Rx is a mixed bag of shows and events around the city that include some of the last performances of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company at BAM, a discussion about the legality of appropriation art and documentary photographs of old Manhattan by a group of young radicals.

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Art Rx: From New York to Miami

Hyperallergic is in Miami this week soaking up the sun and the art fairs, but we’ve still got the remedy for those sick with the art bug back in New York. This week’s Art Rx takes you outside Manhattan to the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island City and even Beacon, New York. You’ll be itching to jump on mass transit to workshop with musician Maya Azucan at the Bronx Museum of Art, view posters created by Iraq War Veterans and the Justseeds printmaking collaborative in Brooklyn or slip into a fabric sleeping bag in Franz Erhad Walther’s solo show at Dia:Beacon. For those who’ve escaped to Miami, we’ve also included a few events to wash down your extra-strength pill of art fairs.

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Art Rx: Thanksgiving Weekend Edition!

While the art world slows down a bit this weekend to eat turkey, there is still plenty to do to work off all those calories, or consume more. This week’s Art Rx offers a medley of Thanksgiving weekend events including Diego Rivera’s murals at MoMA, Big Onion’s eating tour of the Lower East Side and, in the true spirit of giving, an Occupy Wall Street Thanksgiving.

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Arrested During Nov 17 OWS Protests, Artist Man Bartlett Talks to Us Post-Release

Earlier today we reported that artist Man Bartlett had been arrested early Thursday morning during the #N17 Day of Action. We also reported that the artist was released from jail after being detained for roughly 27 hours. We gave him some time to rest and then caught up with him to hear about his experience at the protest, the arrest and the how he got the word out to his dad about his arrest despite the fact that he had no cell phone.

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Sotheby’s Locked Out Art Handlers Lend a Hand to OWS

To add to our continued coverage of Occupy Wall Street updates today, the ties between OWS and Sotheby’s locked-out art handlers are growing stronger. Artinfo posted today that the art handlers are joining Occupy Wall Street in a protest against the movement’s eviction from Zuccotti Park earlier this week. The Teamsters or Local 814 are picketing outside of Brookfield Properties (3 World Fiancial), who owns Zuccotti Park. Diane Taylor, director of the board at Brookfield also happens to be on the board of Sotheby’s and Mayor Bloomberg’s long-time girlfriend. What a lucky coincidence.