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Posted inArt

#ObscureMuseum: New York City’s Ukrainian Museum

Even friends of this nerd who are self-proclaimed Modern art fanatics in New York City have often never heard of one East Village museum that has been exhibiting Modern art for years. The Ukrainian Museum on East 6th Street always brings a smile to my face as I explore the galleries with that feeling of discovery that comes with being in a great New York City space that few know about and that most of my non-Ukrainian friends have never been to.

Posted inArt

#ObscureMuseum, Easter Edition: The Fonck Museum (Viña del Mar, Chile)

When I went to visit some friends in Viña del Mar, Chile, my first thoughts weren’t about the famous beaches and coastline, but of the museums, if any, they might have in this sizeable resort town (population 286,931) that’s south of the famous port city of Valparaíso. I was thrilled to find that the town had several museums. Since this is a column on obscure (and by that I mean little-known and not necessarily dimly-lit or incomprehensible) museums, I’ll fill you in a bit on one that absolutely blew my mind.