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Posted inArt

An Abstract Painter’s Mixed-In Tensions

Any painter who doesn’t find painting difficult should be treated with suspicion. Managing real challenges, as opposed to affected ones, should be the root of an artist’s style, by choice or by consequence. The work of Logan Grider has always struck me as bound up in tensions that are either invited or just endured.

Posted inArt

A Place Where Art and Religion Meet

The close relationship that art and religion maintained for several millennia has in recent decades eroded so drastically that it’s difficult to imagine fine arts and contemporary religion having anything in common. Art is, on the whole, a secular enterprise, and religion is frequently more anesthetic than aesthetic in character. The two worlds happily foster vulgar understandings of each other almost to a point of pride. Some might even suggest that adherence to one entails a rejection of, or at least critical distance from, the other. But not everyone is content with this scenario.