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Smithsonian Cowering From Idiots (video)

On a recent RT America segment, a Catholic League spokesperson is calling David Wojnarowicz’s “A Fire in My Belly” video anti-Christian and compares ants on Jesus to “putting a swastika on a synagogue.” The video was part of the Smithsonian’s Hide/Seek exhibition and was recently pulled when various right-wing politicians, goaded by the Catholic League, manufactured outrage at 10 seconds in a 30-minute video.

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Censored Smithsonian Video Flagged “Inappropriate” on YouTube

Hyperallergic tweep @remaerdyaD pointed out that David Wojnarowicz’ video, recently removed from the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek exhibition, has also been flagged as “inappropriate for some users” on YouTube, meaning that viewers will have to sign in to the website and check their safety settings before being able to watch the video.

Since there’s nothing explicitly offensive in the video, I have to guess that YouTube’s decision to wall off the video was carried out in the aftermath of the conflict at the Smithsonian over religious imagery in Wojnarowicz’ work.

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Kill Famous Artists at #Rank

We already warned you, so it should be no surprise that Paul Steen’s art world-ized open source video game based on Assault Cube, but injected with 150 of the “most important living artists” according to, is awesome.

In his virtual world you can roam PS1 or the Istanbul Biennial or at a Jeff Wall show at the Kunstwerk in Berlin gunning down famous artist to win the game. This isn’t a kumbaya game, people. You need to kill to win.

But I have to admit that there’s nothing more fulfilling than reading “Damien Hirst fragged Jasper John.” Download the “Art Assault” modification here: And enjoy!

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One Last Look

Man Bartlett’s “Kin” during the last day of #TheSocialGraph exhibition. We will have a photo essay tomorrow and there are a few more podcasts on the way, but last Saturday we threw a closing party for the show, which featured livestreaming of Man Bartlett’s “#24hKith” performance for the first hour of the event (the final hour of his performance) and a listening party for the Sound of Art album. Also, in a few weeks we will be announcing the publication of the #TheSocialGraph catalogue, which will include essays, photos, explanations and other texts to reveal a few more facets of the world of social media art.

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Murakami Floats in Thanksgiving Parade, Dances in Flower Suit

Think contemporary art’s going mainstream? It doesn’t end with Louis Vuitton bags and album covers. Joining the cartoon figures and name-brand mascots at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade were superstar contemporary artist Takashi Murakami’s signature surreal characters, KaiKai and KiKi, two anime critters that share monikers with Murakami’s company. Below, check out a selection of photos from Murakami’s participation in the parade, which also featured the artist himself dancing on the float wearing a flower suit, another trademark.

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What an Ancient Roman Penis & Hand Transplant Looks Like

We already mention that the scandal-prone Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ridiculous request to provide an antique Roman sculpture with a new penis and hand but The Telegraph shows us what the before and after of the sculptural plastic surgery actually looked like. Our assessment … not really worth it, specially considering the Italian arts budget was severely cut by the government. [The Telegraph]

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Breaking: Rich Young Collector Curates Own Show, Thinks It’s Awesome

A not-unexpected surprise awaits visitors to the Miami-based Rubell Family Collection’s website. Scion of collector royalty and son of Don and Mera, Jason Rubell is releasing a catalogue of a show memorializing the works he collected from ages 13 to 21, an illustrious and mature body of art that Jason also gathered into a senior thesis exhibition in college. Pay attention folks, this is a lesson in narcissism that’s likely to go unparalleled in the art world for a little while.

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Art Fag City’s Select Guide to Miami Basel 2010

Once again, it’s time for the annual migration of Winter-bound art worlders to the sunny climes of Miami, Florida for Art Basel Miami Beach. The bad news is that outside of Art Basel Miami’s official fair, most of the surrounding events and shows are pretty bad. Good thing Paddy Johnson has your back! She just posted her own guide to the best fairs, museums and events in Miami.