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[Sponsor] The Last Supper Salon on Sept 18 at 3rd Ward Brooklyn


The Last Supper Salon is a multimedia, project-based collaborative festival that addresses the act of consumption. Viewing the creative process as a cyclical, communally interactive conversation between media, it is a nonprofit benefit event for the Food Bank of New York City. Purchase your advance tickets by September 18 ($10 w/ 3 or more canned food donations, or $15 w/o)

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Join Us This Friday for Live Podcast Taping of “Mainstreaming Art” [UPDATED]

This Friday, we will be taping our second installment of the Hyperallergic TV podcast, Reactor, and we’re inviting our readers to attend as a live studio audience. Our confirmed guests for the podcast are artist William Powhida (who will act as moderator), Time Out New Yorkart critic Howard Halle, Art Fag City’s Paddy Johnson, and artist Nate Hill. UPDATED: Artist/Work of Art contestant Trong Gia Nguyen will also be joining us as a featured guest.

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Hyperallergic Escapes New York, Takes to the Clouds!

From mid September through early October, I’ll be on an art-themed Odyssey across the United States in an attempt to be sensitive to different scenes from around the country and, of course, their discontents. I’ll bounce from JFK to ORD, LAX to MSY, SLC to IAD, SFO and beyond — as long as the “beyond” falls within the boundaries of the jetBlue network (thanks to my monthly unlimited metrocard to the sky).

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Tunneling Through Famous Accountants

Curator and artist Will Pappenheimer’s Tunneling at the underground Bushwick space Famous Accountants is a densely layered exhibition heavy on technology and illusion. While the group exhibition aligns perfectly with the gallery’s affection for mind-altering art, Pappenheimer’s curation fits perfectly into the long narrow space and brings together work that invites you to unpack them visually.

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Refresh: The Antidote to Art World Illiteracy

Leon Neyfakh is best known as a reporter for the New York Observer, and his beat is everything from Brooklyn’s indie music scene to uptown art world intrigue. What many people may not know is that he’s much bigger online … ok, not much bigger but definitely cooler than an Observer byline would suggest. For those who live in Tumblr-land, Neyfrakh’s tumblelog Leon Crawl is full of quips, interesting links, and observations about what he’s reading/listening to/watching. And if you know that, then you probably know that he’s also the host of a great new literary series, Refresh, which welcomes the internet famous to spill their guts about whatever netizens vomit out of their mouths or via their fingers.

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A Review of Designing Obama: The Book

By now, we all know that the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign was a great leap forward for the aesthetics of US election campaign, so it should come as no surprise that the director of the Obama campaign, Scott Thomas, decided to publish a book about the innovative Obama design brand and its impact on American pop and design cultures. The resulting book, titled Designing Obama: A Chronicle of Art & Design from the 2008 Presidential Campaign, is an attractive product that includes a short foreward by Pentagram partner Michael Bierut and an introduction by graphic design guru Steven Heller, who cleverly calls the brand “O Design.”