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Posted inArt

In Pursuit of the Glittering Point

The title of Shanti Grumbine’s current exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery, The Glittering Point, comes from the phrase “glittering generalities,” which, according to the artist, became popular in the mid-nineteenth century. The term describes propaganda that champions vagueness to evoke positive feelings rather than actually communicating information. Grumbine begins her process with this phrase in mind, as she collects startling imagery of war, scintillating images of luxury items, and both iconic and candid political campaign photos from the New York Times.

Posted inArt

Queer Art Grows in Brooklyn

Queer arts have been gaining momentum and paying healthy homage to history as they take root in Brooklyn. On the heels of an eventful December with World AIDS Day events throughout the city, Illegitimate And Herstorical opened at A.I.R. Gallery on January 5. Curated by Emily Roysdon (a collaborator with MEN and a founder of “feminist genderqueer” artist collective LTTR), Illegitimate And Herstorical is one of the strongest group shows culled from open-call submissions that I’ve seen of late.