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Long-Disputed Stieglitz Collection To Be Unveiled This Fall

Fisk University in Tennessee came up against a tough decision: faced with financial struggles, they saw an opportunity to keep the school afloat by selling their impressive collection of art, including work by Renoir, Picasso, Diego Rivera, and Cézanne. However, all of this work had been given by Georgia O’Keeffe, who donated the collection, her late husband’s — the photographer Alfred Stieglitz — under the agreement that it never be sold or separated. After years of legal battles, those works will be going on display this fall at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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Art History, Poetics, and Bad Grammar: The Love Letters of O’Keeffe and Stieglitz

The love letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz number upwards of 25,000. It’s such a prolific amount, it makes you marvel that they had any time at all to live the lives they did. The first published volume of their correspondence is some 700 pages, and it captures all the intimacies and intangibles one suffers for, because of, or in spite of love. It is also a valuable source of art history, self-help, bad spelling, and indulgent use of the em dash.

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When a Social Circle Became an Art Movement

The artistic avant garde is often a pretty insular group — when you’re doing something new, odds are that few people besides your immediate friends and collaborators know what’s up. A jewel box of an exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts proves just how small the art world is with Modernist Photography 1910-1950, a show that’s just as much about the aesthetic (and physical) interrelationships between artists as it is about the advent of modernist photography in the United States.