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Creative Time Releases a Statement About the 2012 Summit Boycott

On October 12, during Creative Time’s 2012 Summit we liveblogged the evolving boycott over what some people were calling a “partnership” with an Israeli organization that received funds from the Israeli government. Now the venerable arts nonprofit has released a statement regarding the event and the claims by the boycotters. The letter was emailed to Summit Attendees today.

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Extreme Makeover: Art World Edition

Since we’ve been running down the most powerless and most f***able art world figures, now we’re seeing which ones are in dire need a makeover. Anyone in the public sphere knows the way they dress reflects greatly on their work, and art people, fortunately or not, are no exception.

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Today’s New York Protest for Ai Weiwei [UPDATE]

At 1pm EST today near the Chinese embassy in Manhattan, out by the water at 520 Twelfth Avenue, a congregation of chairs gathered. Art worlders, community members and human rights activists came out in force, to the tune of a few hundred, to protest for the release of Ai Weiwei, the internationally-famed artist who has been detained by the Chinese government for the past two weeks without charge. Click through to check out a photo essay of the protest featuring a diverse group of chairs, Jerry Saltz and protesters young and old (plus a dog concerned for Panda Bears).