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Chinese Artist Goes Undercover at Foxconn … to Buy an iPad

Chinese artist Li Liao’s latest project is equal parts conceptual and journalistic. He did something Mike Daisey never quite accomplished: Li got a job at one of the Foxconn plants in Shenzhen that manufacturers most of Apple’s products and worked there for 45 days, undercover, inspecting circuit boards. With the wages he earned, he bought the product of his labor — an iPad.

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Apple’s iPhone 5 and Getting Angry at Planned Obsolescence

At their hyped-as-ever product launch yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone 5, a new version of the classic that’s longer, thinner, and lighter. The new phone is four inches long (adding 176 pixels to the height of the display), has a faster internet connection, and a better processor. So why do I feel like we’re constantly getting short shrift as consumers with technology updates like this?

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Steve Jobs as Design Evangelist

Some days Jason Kottke effortlessly proves why he is the elder statesman of the link blog, and today is one of those days. He points to a post by architect-turned-techie David Galbraith that compares Steve Jobs and Norman Foster, who is designing the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. It’s worth noting that Galbraith once worked for Foster.

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Required Reading

This week, architect Frank Lloyd Wright talks about the corner window, which he says is “an idea conceived early in my work that the box is a fascist symbol,” the mess that Mark Rothko’s suicide created, the first signs of street art about the UK riots, discovering work from the master of correspondence art, even the treat of death won’t deter copyright infringement, Doris Salcedo on memory in art, more detailed plans for Apple’s new HQ and a geographically accurate map of the London tube.

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(Dark) Lord Norman Foster Builds New Apple Empire

The great dynastic rulers of history have always called upon the best architects of their time to design their monuments and capital cities. iMagnate Steve Jobs is no different: Apple will work with British starchitect Norman Foster to design the company’s new campus in Cupertino, California, rumored to be named “Apple City.”

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Robert Longo Parodies Himself

Robert Longo is the king of that detached world of 80s über-cool, though in retrospect the whole “movement” (if we can call it that) was nothing like its PR. Sure, one could be fooled into thinking that Longo’s corporate figures writhing out of control were comments on the culture of the time, perhaps even foreboding what was to come — Reaganomics, corporate avarice, an extreme form of alienation — but did we really think it would lead to advertisements for Bottega Veneta?