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Street Art Isn’t a Crime Until Somebody Steals It: Banksy in Miami

I’m finding it a little hard to feel upset at the Banksy “exhibition” that was on display in Art Miami and its sister fair Context this past week. Others have found reasons to boycott the affair, and Marc and Sara Schiller, two street art aficionados I respect, wrote on Wooster Collective that they are calling out the Miami Art Fair for letting all this happen: “Knowing that Banksy has condemned the show, they could have easily rejected the exhibition and not legitimized the stolen artwork. But they didn’t. And this tells you a lot about what their motivations are.”

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Required Reading

This week, new Banksy, artists/writers design money, early Christian art, talking to Gabriel Orozco, catalogue raisonnés, modern art toilets, globalizing art history, design criticism and political photo trends.

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Corporate Media Fictions: Brad Downey and Banksy

Just over two weeks ago, a story about an excavated Banksy in Berlin ricocheted across the global media. Most of the coverage featured closely cropped smiley faced riot police and the name “Banksy” screamed in the media coverage. From the tone of the coverage and the emphasis on the discovery of a lost Banksy most people probably assumed it was another case of an opportunist commercial gallery swiping a street art work and displaying it in order to make a potential profit. What many people — and news outlets — didn’t realize was that the glimpse of the Banksy was only part of a much larger work by artist Brad Downey.