Your Weekly Art Rx

Here at Hyperallergic we are allergic to a lot — dust, nuts, cats, insipid art criticism, bad art shows, people who suck. Enter our weekly remedy: a list of exhibitions and events that will serve as your weekly dose of art medicine. Here is this week’s prescription …

Curator Diary: Jason Andrew in Asheville (Day 5)

After all the curating is done, there’s usually a party to look forward to — the exhibition opening. In this last Curator Diary, Jason Andrew attends his own opening party at Black Mountain College, chats up visitors, meets painter Donald Sultan’s mom and hits the town afterward.

An Unknown Chapter at America’s Bauhaus

In the summer of 1952, artist Jack Tworkov traveled to Black Mountain College in Asheville, North Carolina. A leading figure of the New York School, his time at the influential American school, which some people consider “America’s Bauhaus,” is the subject of a new exhibition. We talked to the curator, Jason Andrew.