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One Artist’s Attempt to Break into Show Biz and the Art World in One Fell Swoop

Isha is a cinematic work-in-progress both literally and figuratively. Recently a 15-minute screening, as well as actual location shoot happened back-to-back at Long Island City’s Clocktower Gallery as part of the ongoing How Much Do I Owe You? exhibition. It’s a ballsey attempt by Indian writer/director Meenakshi Thirukode to break into show biz and the art world in one fell swoop. Some of it is good, some not so good. But, as they might say in a Busby Berklee musical, “The girl’s certainly got moxie.”

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Painting for Bollywood

PUNE, INDIA — Last summer I was offered an interesting project by a good friend, film director Sachin Kundalkar. He was about to start shooting his Hindi film Aiyyaa and asked me to create paintings for the movie. Kundalkar is a brilliant storyteller and director, and before this major Bollywood project, he had directed and written a couple of award-winning films in the Marathi language. A fan of his directorial style, I agreed to be a part of the project. Last week, the film was released in India and also in some international cities.

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India’s About to Explode in Contemporary Art

In 2011, India moved from the classification of “developing” country to that of being a “newly industrialized.” This upgrade was made along Mexico, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines, Brazil and China, all of which have economies showing promise towards becoming “developed.” Perhaps as a salute to this increase of stature, India had its first pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennale with an exhibition curated by Ranjit Hoskote aptly titled, Everyone Agrees: It’s About to Explode.