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Cary Leibowitz’s Particular Shade of Pink

Not all shades of pink get equal attention. The glut of carnation pinks, the flood of hot pink, and the surges of magenta in street fashion, web design, and art — well, it adds up to a visual culture that leaves out other shades of pink. Cary Leibowitz’s new solo show (paintings and belt buckles) is exciting for many reasons. But what hits hard first is this rare hue of pink that covers every inch of the walls and coats the paintings’ backgrounds.

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The Alternative Holiday Gift Guide

You know you’re going to spend money this holiday season even if it’s only a gift or two for friends, family or that special someone. So, why not spending money in a way that supports emerging galleries, craftspeople, artists, charities, or quality small businesses that are trying to do something different.

Here is our short guide to some ideas for creative and affordable gifts.