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World’s First Color Films Discovered

After 110 years hidden in a tin at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK, researchers have discovered what are believed to be the world’s oldest color films. Created by cinematic pioneer Edward Raymond Turner, the films date to 1902 and depict the inventor’s children, a girl on a swing, and soldiers marching. Before this find, the oldest color film was believed to be a 1909 film created in Kinemacolor.

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For the Love of Constructivist Russia

The Tony Shafrazi Gallery is currently showing a rare collection of 95 rare Soviet Constructivist film posters, circa 1920-33, and a model of Vladimir Tatlin’s influential “Monument for the Third International” (1920/1967). These gems of early 20th C. graphic design were cutting edge for their time and they still look fantastic today. The visual imagination of the designers synched up quite well with the heady films during an era when the Soviet Union was still a major center of cinematic production and innovation.