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9 Minimalist Boxes for Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a holiday celebrated by aesthetes the world over. In order to purify ourselves after the rampant commercialism and visual over-stimulation of the past month, we devote this day to the solemn contemplation of square and rectangular Minimalist sculptures.

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Neon Visions at the End of Long Island

There was a time, before collectors, parties, fairs, and celebrities, when artists were drawn to the tranquility and beauty of the Hamptons, the sense of community that could be created there. One of those artists was Dan Flavin, who began spending his summers in Bridgehampton in 1972 and bought a house in nearby Wainscott in 1980.

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Making Fun of Minimalism in Two Chelsea Galleries, Pt. 1

Could it be that the slick surfaces and lustrous finish fetish of high minimalism isn’t exactly suitable for the current atmosphere of economic austerity measures? Along with the painful recession consequences of mass job loss, gallery closings and the bloody fight over British arts funding cuts has come a suspicion of entities too big to fail: the black boxes of big banks and even bigger corporations. Taking this to the art world, I’ve been noticing an artistic suspicion of the hermetic perfection so glorified by minimalists like Donald Judd and Anne Truitt. Two current Chelsea exhibitions show artists taking down modernism and minimalism’s cold self-seriousness with the movement’s own weapons. In this first installment, check out Yuichi Higashionna’s Fluorescent at Marianne Boesky Gallery.