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Posted inArt

Domestic Video Screens at the Armory Show

Now that iPhones are ubiquitous and projectors on the rise as the home-theater tool of choice, we’re all getting a little more used to have different types of media screens in the home. We’re nowhere near the point occupied by the New York Times’s magic mirror, but our new acceptance of domestic screens shows through in some interesting Armory Show 2013 installations.

Posted inArt

Neither Here Nor There

Well known for working on very large sheets of wax-coated paper for the past twenty years, Toba Khedoori’s recent easel-sized oil painting will come as a surprise. In fact, the largest painting in her recent exhibition was around four-and-a-half feet by three feet, which is hardly monumental. To give you an idea of how much she has downsized for this exhibition, a work on paper in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, dating from 1997, is seven-and-a-half feet by nearly ten feet. And the MoMA drawing is small for Khedoori, who first gained national and international attention for works on paper that are twenty or more feet in width.