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For Chicago, Detroit Isn’t a Distant Reality

CHICAGO — Much like the city of Detroit’s epic economic saga, this story took me on a wild goose chase. I’m an art journalist reporting on Detroit from Chicago — or, if you would prefer, the Motor City from the Windy City — and that seems odd. The media craze around Detroit just won’t quit, and Chicago is increasingly finding itself implicated in it all. Perhaps the artists are to blame.

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Detroit Emergency Manager Was the One Who Called Christie’s

The Detroit News has reported that it was Emergency Manager Kevin Orr who brought in Christie’s to appraise the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) collection. Orr, who in turn claimed that he is acting on behalf of creditors, has come under fire in recent weeks for his seemingly cavalier treatment of the DIA collection as the city forges into the grueling bankruptcy process.

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A Plea for Detroit [UPDATED]

On May 24 the news broke that Detroit’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr, was considering whether the city could or should sell off the art collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) to help pay back its debts. The reactions pretty much range from “this is a bad idea” to “this is a terrible idea.”