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Crimes of the Art

On this week’s art crime blotter: Shepard Fairey turns himself in to Detroit Police, London police swarm an artist carrying a cardboard tube near Buckingham Palace, and an artist is arrested for “abstracting electricity.”

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Douglas Gordon Goes Swimming in the Shallow End

In Claude Debussy’s 1910 prelude “La cathédrale engloutie” (“The Sunken Cathedral”), shuddering waves of chords grow and then drown out in tribute to a mythical cathedral rising out of the sea and then disappearing again. In Douglas Gordon’s new “tears become… streams become…” installation at the Park Avenue Armory, the rippling notes are provided each night by pianist Hélène Grimaud, who plays a Steinway encircled by a reflecting pool of 122,000 gallons of water.

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A Question of Memory: Who Is Douglas Gordon?

TEL AVIV — It seems somehow fitting that all I have left of the current Douglas Gordon retrospective at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art are some snapshots on my phone and some scribbles in a notebook. As I struggle to figure out what to say about the show, I look through my artifacts, my memory shaped by what I’ve written and what I chose to photograph.

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T-shirts Are the New Galleries: Top 10 Artist Tees

The artist t-shirt is a development we’ve known here at Hyperallergic for some time, but we thought it’d be good to let our readers explore it further. The blurry line demarcating art and fashion is obfuscated when artists have a hand in designing clothes. Is it just a cheap ploy to stock the gift shop full of more merchandise? Probably. But bearing an artist’s creation in your personal presentation potentially imbues clothing with a lot of meaning.