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You Must Change Your Life

This past May, Munro Galloway and Dushko Petrovich presented You Must Change Your Life, a two-person exhibition of their work at Soloway titled after the closing line of Rilke’s poem “Archaic Torso of Apollo.” The exhibition was accompanied by a reader published by the gallery composed of excerpts of several texts selected by the artists, ranging from Rosalind Krauss’s “Formless” to an appendix from the Journals of Lewis and Clark. I spoke to them about their art and exhibition.

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Hot Links, Upside-Down Christmas Tree Edition

Christmas blues got you down? Have I got the solution for you! Check out a hot fresh batch of links for the lead-up to Christmas and all that other stuff, sure to delight, entertain, educate and amaze. I guarantee there is no Wojnarowicz or Blu content to be found. Above, I’ve switched out Natalie Jeremijenko’s upside-down trees at Mass MoCA for Christmas evergreens. How festive!

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Can Boston Pull Off An Art Revolution?

The city of Boston is not generally known for its hopping art scene. Although it is home to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (which is the only publicly funded art university in the country), the patrician Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the picturesque Institute for Contemporary Arts the city cannot pretend to boast an art market that even holds a candle to that of New York, LA or Miami. A recent article by Paper Monument’s founding editor Dushko Petrovich in the Boston Globe proposes that the Boston art scene can bring something entirely different to the table than those acquisition driven hubs.